My artistic process comes from various sources of inspiration, going through animals and their meaning, experiences rich in emotions and political news. Since I work both abstract and figurative, I like to describe my artworks by their intensity, whether with the colors, emotions or messages portrayed.

Strong and saturated colors are often seen in my work, whether painting or drawing, and often translate violent emotions. I often illustrate strong emotions related to anxiety, sexuality or politics, subjects that touches us all but are often taboo. I consider art to be a great way to express those delicate subjects, even better than using words. With the violence of colors and shapes, that are sometimes delicate, sometimes distressing. These subjects can be suggested in a subtle, semi-abstract, or obvious manner.

I'm also drawn toward certain animals such as rats and crows, two animals that have different meaning and can be seen both as negative (death, sickness, macabre) or positive (intelligence, spirituality, wisdom, sociability) depending on context. These connotations allow me to play with the subjectivity of the subject to suggest different messages or emotions.